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Jeep Crazy Road

In collaboration with Jeep, we developed this entertaining mobile device video game as part of the campaign promoting the newest Jeep Wrangler. Like the rough and rugged vehicle, the game takes players on a crazy off-road journey. “Crazy Road” simulates the one-of-a-kind handling of a Jeep Wrangler while tearing jumps, dodging obstacles and steering across clifftops to test players’ driving skills.




Ignacio Segura

Game Features

To play, drive the new Jeep Wrangler through mountains and deserts, steer past falling boulders and steep cliffs, and jump gorges to collect points. The longer a player avoids obstacles, the more points they will collect. If a player drives the vehicle into a hole or an obstacle, the game ends. Players can redeem points for real prizes from Jeep, including apparel, toys and memorabilia.